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me too grandpa

My aunt and I visited my grandfather in the hospital today. His defibrillator went off last night when he was at home. He was recounting his story of what happened. I'm not sure why, but I didn't think a defibrillator was supposed to hurt. But apparently hundreds of volts of electricity hurt. A lot. And it shocked him fifteen times, but it saved his life. He never lost consciousness.

He was rushed to the hospital. Late last night his defibrillator went off again. Seventeen times this time. One hundred volts rushing through his body and he never lost consciousness. The doctors have adjusted his heart medication (amiodarone) in hopes that it will help regulate his arhythmias.

My aunt called him last night and she heard my grandmother tell him to, "sound perky." And he did.

He said that my grandmother has been a champ throughout this whole ordeal and that he was really lucky. He said, "Torill, I hope that Josh is as good for you as your grandmother has been for me." "Me too, Grandpa. Me too."

Now we'll just see what the doctors say and find out when he gets to come home.
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sandalcu said...

Me, too, Grampa. We are all blessed to have Gramma and Josh in our family. In fact, our whole family is blessed to have each other. I love you, Tory!

Jamie Alcumbrac said...

Me too! I love you sis

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