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Mexican Currency - I'm RICH!

While in Pinetop this weekend visiting my family, my Grandmother gave me a 10,000 peso note that their good friend Bill Simpson gave to me years ago! I put the note in my wallet and figured it wasn't worth much.

Today as I was cleaning out my wallet, I came across the 10,000 bill and decided to do a quick Google conversion to see what it was worth - if anything. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this:
Holy moly! What luck! You have to be kidding me! I quickly called up Wells Fargo, they confirmed they would exchange my 10,000 pesos for $684.00. I tore out of my office for my lunch break and rushed to the bank - all the while on the phone with my mother and grandparents to share the wonderful news! I planned in my head just what I would spend the money on - pay off my credit card, a massage, Christmas presents! The money was as good as gone in my mind, but WHAT LUCK! Who'd have thought?!

I walked up to the teller window thinking that it's too good to be true. And it turns out - it was! The bank did not have the bill listed in their foreign currency book (a book that listed photos of currency for verification purposes) therefore they couldn't exchange it.

I headed back to my office disheartened but not yet resolved. I scanned the bill and emailed it a contact I have at American Express Exchange. She responded with the following:

Unfortunately the Mexican Pesos were revalued in 1992, by the value of 1,000 old pesos becoming 1 nuevo peso. The note you have there is no longer legal currency and can not be exchanged. Even if it were exchangeable, it would be equal to only 10 pesos in the current notes. At the current exchange ratesthat means it would only have a value of about 67 cents, so it is not worth worrying about too much. It is kind of fun to have a note with all of those zeroes, but I'm afraid it does not have any value.

Well, let me be the first to tell you that all of those zeroes are not as fun as $684.00, but what a roller coaster of a day. I'm RICH


sandalcu said...
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sandalcu said...

Ahhhh, but you are rich in so many ways, even without all those zeroes!

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