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Pinetop - 4th of July

Hooray for blogging catch-up!

I love that I am finally getting caught up on posting pictures from Summer Twenty-Ten!  Always a busy bee, I wanted to make sure I posted pictures from our trip Pinetop for the 4th, even though it was nearly a month ago!  Josh and I drove up Friday evening after work.  It was so nice to spend three days in cooler weather!

We had Ebelskivers made by Grandma - one of our favorite family traditions!  We hiked Mt. Baldy up near Sunrise and we did ok for "flat landers."  Hiking up to 10,000 feet, when less than 24 hours ago, you were at 1,300 feet, is not the easiest.  But with no complaining (well, that might be not be 100% accurate) we made it to a beautiful spot where we ate lunch!

On Sunday, my mom, Josh and I played golf with my grandmother who beat us all!  She only beat Josh by 1 stroke though!  That Grandma... she's something else!

Sunday evening, we went up to Sunrise lake to watch fireworks.  The food was great and fireworks seemed better than ever this year, with lots of shapes and colors!

Here are some pictures from the hike and the 4th!

Driving up to Pinetop!
Gearing up for the hike!
Jamie, me, Aunt Krissie, Mom & Bella
Josh & Dad
This doesn't even do it justice!
The hills are alive... with the sound of... hiking!
We made it!!
Lunch time!
4th of July @ Sunrise Lake
It was REALLY cold!!
Grandma & Grandpa's front porch!!

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