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My life has gotten a little more grown up lately... New forever love of my life, new house, new job and officially a honeymooner Mrs.! Everything is a shiny adventure and untrodden territory. Follow along as I navigate the world of being a grown up!


Halloween 2010!

Josh and I hosted a fun, Halloween party last Saturday!  It's true, I wanted a reason to use my wedding presents and was so entertained with the idea of entertaining.

The menu was: mac & cheese bites, mini pigs-in-a-blanket, sweet-ish meatball, chex mix, chips and guac, caramel apples and jell-o "dirt" cups.  My parents came over early and helped us get things set up.  My mom and I carved pumpkins.  There were so many creative costumes!  Part of the fun was seeing what everyone dressed up as...  We had a bat pinata for the little kids (they were probably still too little for it, but it was fun) and hung out around the fire pit late into the evening.

As always, here are some photos...

My pumpkin!
My Mom's pumpkin!
Food table!
Me & Josh <3
The D-Zeps!
Kyle & Katy!
The Moss Family!
Mom & Adrienne
Fear the CANE!!!!
Chris made Jen's costume that day - I love it!
Prettiest puppy I have ever seen - Lexi, 2
Maddi, 5
Izzi, 3
Abbi & Sophi, 1
Pinata fun!
Swing, Izzi, swing!!!
Lexi loved the bat!
Ryan & Rickey
Randy in his true form...
DeAnna, A and me!
John <3 Jack
Chili wine trial...
It gets a thumbs up!
A, Kyle, Josh & me
It was such a fun evening!!  We had a blast and we are so blessed to have such great friends and family.

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