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Horn Honking

I would like the record to show that I am pro-horn honking.  When someone (and this includes me) does something idiotic on the road, they deserve to be called out with a horn honk.  I think there should be a driving test that includes "street smarts" not just the typical driving laws.  For instance, a street smarts question would be:
You're pulling up to an intersection and the light is red.  You are the first person to reach the light.  You are continuing straight.  You have the choice of the middle or right lanes.  Which lane do you choose?

The correct answer here is the middle lane, offering the right lane to a right-hand turner who may choose to turn right on red.
Based on an individual's score on this test, the more or less they would be able to honk.  High scores equal unlimited honking.  Low scores, no honking.  That way we know that if we're being honked at, we darn well deserve it!  Drivers need to be held accountable!

This message brought you by my long(er) commute.

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hillapinnia said...

you make some great point about "common sense" driving.

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