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My life has gotten a little more grown up lately... New forever love of my life, new house, new job and officially a honeymooner Mrs.! Everything is a shiny adventure and untrodden territory. Follow along as I navigate the world of being a grown up!


Seattle Days Three, Four & Five (with photos)

Day Three
Friday morning Josh and I moved for the last time during this trip to the gorgeous and excellently-located Alexis Hotel. Then we walked south to Pioneer Square, checked out Utilikilts and had a delicious lunch at Mitchelli's. After lunch, we embarked on Seattle's Underground Tour.

In 1889, a fire destroyed all of Seattle and the city had to be rebuilt. When they rebuilt, they raised the city up 10 to 30 feet in places. The tour takes you underneath the city where sidewalks and doorways to buildings still exist. It was really interesting!

After the tour, Josh and I walked along 1st Avenue (a little over a mile) to Safeco Field to wait for Lauren and Nate to join us for the game. We took our time and wandered in and out of shops and finally settled in at Pyramid Ale House to relax and enjoy ourselves on the patio.

While waiting on L + N, we tried the Pyramid Sampler, including Haywire Hefeweizen, Audacious Apricot Ale, ThunderHead IPA, Crystal Wheat Ale, and Curveball Blonde Ale. One word: delicious! Then we had to try their garlic rosemary fries served with Cajun ailoli. Another word: uuhhmazing!

Our seats for the Diamondbacks/Mariners game were great! Lower level - row 28, but apparently 28 is synonomous with 6 because that's how far back we REALLY were! I yelled at Justin Upton until he acknowledged my pressence. It was a small acknowledgement, but L, N and J caught it. Josh and I wore our Dbacks gear and were heckled from behind - especially after the Dbacks gave up a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the 8th inning. The women behind us were drunk and loud, but overall just there to have a good time!

Things I like: Walking everywhere!
Things I didn't like: Diamondbacks losing another game!
New things I like: Mama's Chicken at the counter at Mitchelli's

Day Four
Today Penny & Jason, Josh's friends who just moved to Portland, came up to Seattle for the day! We became official tour guides and who better to show you around than a fellow tourist! Our fun Seattle facts were fresh in our brain and we got to solidify them there by sharing them with P & J. We had a yummy lunch at the Pink Door on the patio overlooking the Puget Sound. Then we walked to Westlake and took the ridiculous, yet functional monorail to the Seattle Center to head up 520 feet to the viewing deck of the Space Needle. The weather was great and the visibility was good, but you couldn't see Mount Rainier. We ended the day with Penny and Jason by strolling through Pike's Market and checking out the weekend wares before they drove back to Portland.

I treated myself to a pedicure. I tried to tell Josh he needed to join me - that he would like it - but completely understood that it will take more than one time inviting him to go with me before he will concur. Heehee.

That evening Josh and I ate dinner at the Bookstore (Alexis' bar home of the Hoegaarden mentioned in Seattle Day One). We watched the Diamondbacks begin another loss before Lauren and Nate picked us up for an evening of laughs at an improv comedy show! It was hysterical. Definitely a must see for visitors!

Things I like
: Metal cups at the Pink Door, Buffett
Things I didn't like: Can't think of a single thing! I felt tired for the first time today... Oh, I messed up my pedicure, but luckily recovered.
New things I like: Jason and Penny, Unexpected Productions - International Festival of Improvisation (think Whose Line is it Anyway?)

Day Five
And we're now caught up to today. Lauren and Nate picked us up and we drove to her father's boat at Gig Harbor. It's about an hour away. We jumped on board and were on our way to a small island where we planned to hike and barbeque and (eek) swim, but the weather turned quickly, as it often does here, and soon we were headed back to the dock admist rain drops and lightning. We were perfectly safe, but our adventure was cut short in short order.

Instead, we putzed around a couple little antique shops and art galleries before we went back to Lauren's parents' house where we indulged in a delicious dinner of kay-bobs (Warren's pronunciation - lol) and risotto and homemade caesar salad. We had some really good laughs and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Sheri and Warren again!

Now, we're back at the hotel (I almost typed "home") and I need to pack up to leave tomorrow morning.

Things I like: My new Northface hoodie
Things I didn't like: Our adventure was rained out, but we still got a beautiful tour of Gig Harbor from the water - stunning
New things I like: Apprently crab dip, until I was told about the crab

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