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My life has gotten a little more grown up lately... New forever love of my life, new house, new job and officially a honeymooner Mrs.! Everything is a shiny adventure and untrodden territory. Follow along as I navigate the world of being a grown up!


Big News & San Diego.

So I had to make a big choice yesterday. And I made it. I just can't tell you what it is yet. How's that for leaving you on the edge of your seats?

Sorry I haven't written in a while...

I went to San Diego with Aye & Rob and it was heaven on earth. Waking up early to go walk on the beach, taking naps, taking naps on the beach. It was so relaxing - just what I needed! Aye and I got pedicures and walked down past the roller coaster to see Susan and Bill. We sat and visited for a while and just laughed and laughed. I made dinner for Jason's birthday and we all sat around and visited. Almost the whole gang was there... Me, Aye, Rob, Jason, John, Moose, Jason's new girlfriend Natalie, Moose's girlfriend Whitney, Sheila, Karen and Gail. Scott and Erin came, too. We had new neighbors next door this year Rob and Ed who were SO much fun. Rob and I boogie boarded one afternoon. Did I mention Rob is in his 50s? He had such a great time and so did I!

Anyway, I still haven't done laundry from my trip, but I'm getting started on it right now...

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